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A Two-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine »

This invention relates to a two-stroke internal combustion engine for application in motor vehicles of all types. The principal feature of the invention are two variable cross-section cylinders located in the body of the engine 1. Each of these cylinders has its upper part smaller than the lower one. more »

Friction Coupling of Rolling Elements »

In the paper a new model of friction coupling in rolling friction is presented. Apart from slips related to elastic and plastic deformation in the area of actual contact of two bodies, the mechanism includes also intertia forces related to tangential deformations. more »

Distribution Mechanism for a Hybrid Internal Combustion Engine / Electrical Motor Unit

A new distribution system for the control of exhaust valves in direct injection engines, which was designed specially for application in vehicles operated in cities. The underlying idea of the presented mechanism is a new camshaft, which-apart of the known cams with the fixed raise angle-includes additional cams with the variable ... more »

A Kinematic Law of Friction. The Proof and Possible Applications

A hypothesis put forward at the Eurotrib '81 Conference stating that slip velocity in the middle of an elementary contact area is reduced by the amount equal to velocity of elactic slip due to en elementary friction force turned out very useful in determining distributions of slip velocities and elementary friction forces within the contact area. more »

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prof. dr hab. inż. Czesław Koziarski